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    kaiyuan Automatic S&T Co., Ltd. With professional fine manufacturing technology, strict quality control, cooperating with the experience of the industry elite, adopting the advanced checkout facility, scientific and exact production management, QC management system, Kaiyuan is researching and developing, innovating constantly to make Kaiyuan products reach the level of high and fine capacity, high precision and stability. Kaiyuan products get the favorable comment from domestic and international user deeply.
     With the management theory of ¡°sincerity, respecting work, practice, innovation¡±, Kaiyuan holds the principle of respecting customer to guarantee the quality of products, taking human as root to achieve the joint undertaking. We mainly manage these products such as horizontal and vertical Washer, flat cushion, screw assembled machine, automatic permutation directional and vibration giving material machine, double trolley iron filing separator, etc.. Holding the service principle of pursuing perfect, customer first, Kaiyuan are sincerely welcome all the clients to send drawings or models to us to process or manufacture. We guarantee that all mechanical fittings are made from the advanced material, and try our best to provide a quick, fine and perfect after-service for each customer.


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