¡ö Fully automatic screw & washer assembly machines
¡ö Ching Chanautomatic aligning,Orienting & Vibration-Feeding Machines
¡ö Kaiyuan Fits Serial
¡ö Vibration Serial

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Management idea
Quality management:
Carrying out product testing system completely, satisfy the demand of client hand and foot, our product's qulity guarantee.
Enterprise spirit:
Honesty, learning, innovation, struggle.
Enterprise aim:
Enterprising, keep improving, improve level, offer high grade product and service.
Enterprise strategy:
Science and technology is headspring of enterprise development, perfect service is base of enterprise exploiting spirit.
¡ï Future trend:
    Kaiyuan Machine has today's achievement because of industry calling and staff's support. Depending on our more than twenty years' experience, Kaiyuan machine keeps improving constantly. We hope to offer the most perfect service and the highest grade product diathesis. With the new century, Kaiyuan machine products will adopt multi-operations development to develop the business and forward to international. It's better because of speciality.


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